…and thanks for dropping by. I’m Kylie Williams from Kylie T Interiors. How does that add up? I met an amazing companion,  got married and changed my name!

Originally from Australia I grew up with sunny surf beaches and lots of out-door fun. I now reside in beautiful Boston and share my life with my exciting family of 5. I love my family, ALL things creative, travel, good –  food, wine, books, values and Netflix series that I can sink my teeth into while enjoying the comforts of my sofa at home.

How did it all start?

I’ve  been practicing interior design, my ultimate passion, for several years and eventually came to know that I was one of the super lucky ones that was able to continue doing what they LOVED for a living, day in and day out . Then when I decided to consolidate my interior design knowledge through the New York Institute of Art and Design I was  presented with an award of merit for outstanding excellence in my field.  Being awarded for excellence in something you live and breathe is a bit of a signature moment – and it really was for me. Loving my  job so much AND being awarded for it lead me to the light bulb moment of starting my own company, and thats how Kylie T Interiors was born. Starting Kylie T Interiors has taught me so much about life and I remind myself daily that I have my clients, family and friends to thank for my success and the amazing opportunities to grow and develop (in as many ways as one can count) it has bought me. Now, I rarely miss a day when I’m not exploring a clients design or working with my brilliant fellow co-workers – a dream come true.

My favorite home decor styles are mid-century modern, glam, industrial and rustic.  That said, I love all styles and enjoy exploring new ones with my clients whenever I get the the chance, I find it very rexciting and refreshing.

My philosophy with interior design is that your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love, each space should be comfortable, functional,  and welcoming to the user!  My designs are individual and personalized either starting from scratch or with existing pieces. Each project is a tailored work of art specific to its owner.

I believe beautiful design should be within reach and welcome both healthy and lean budget projects, variety promotes passionate. Feel free to browse the Kylie T Interiors website there are a number of unique decorating packages, DIY projects, and helpful design posts available to you. We also have our online throw pillow store to explore and would be more than happy to help you put a collection together to spruce up your room.

I’d love to hear from you. Teaming up to transform your space may be just the magic you need, challenge is fun.

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