Kylie T Interiors Residential Entrance Hall-Re-design project

Residential Entrance Hall-Re-design project

Welcome to Kylie T Interiors, I was asked for some suggestions and help to re-direct the decor of a residential entrance hall. The project was uncomplicated except for the fact it was going to be virtual, my client and I live many miles apart.  She sent me some photos and room measurements and I got to work.

The house was practically brand new, well kept and modern. The coffee color porcelain floor tiles and pale cream color walls were in excellent condition and unobtrusive to work with. The existing table was stylish and fitting to the architecture of the room and there were 3 large family photos on the wall. These were the existing structures I was going to be working with. Sounds pretty good but take a look at the picture below taken by my client, it’s not really working, is it?

Residential Entrance Hall - Re-design project
Residential entrance hall. Clients before photo.


My thoughts on this were as follows:

It’s lacking contrast, there are some beautiful elements in this room that need to be shown off against one another.

It’s disconnected, there is a lot of  separation between the rooms features and decoration

The decorative scale is too small making the room look empty.

My solution, as always was directed by budget. The budget was not set at anything but “as low as possible” so this told me where to start on my quest for the perfect affordability.

Paint always offers a big impact for the price so I decided to gain some contrast here with an accent wall. The color needed to contrast with the black of the wrought iron frame on the existing table and the sliver of the picture frames that were blending in with the cream of the existing walls. I tried a mid green as this is used as an accent color throughout the rest of the house though felt it was too strong an accent in this instance for the more subtle look favored by the owners. See below.

Residential Entrance Hall - Re-design project
Residential entrance hall. Green accent wall

My resulting choice was “Brown Horse” a Benjamin Moore mid brown color chosen from the tones in the porcelain floor tiles. This also helped with the disconnection in the room.


Residential Entrance Hall-Re-design project kylie T Interiors
Benjamin Moore: Brown Horse


The disconnection was overcome in 3 ways. First of all the new mid brown paint on the wall tied the front door to the table wall and then to the adjacent wall and door at the other end of the room. It also helped bring the eye up from the floor to the ceiling. Secondly, I placed a floor runner under the table and ran it all the way to a plant (dracaena dug up from the garden) in the corner near the front door. This connected the grounded items at several points from one end of the room to the other. Thirdly  I needed to get the frames to feel like they were a part of the table vignette hence I lowered them closer to the table so they were no longer floating above on the wall.

Tackling the disconnection in the room lead me to begin the scale correction. Scale is so important and often gets forgotten. Instead of looking at the table and pictures individually we need to look at the room as a whole. We have it connected and contrasted but not scaled. I had already added the new Dracaena and floor runner to widen the scale and decided to turn the 3 existing picture frames on the wall into a picture collage to achieve a decorative piece spanning a larger amount of space above the table. To do this with minimal cash outlay I decided on a wall decal boasting a beautiful verse about family, one picture frame and one mirror. The already existing vase of flowers helped unite the picture collage to the table and 3 new glass hurricanes with white pillar candles opposing the vase completed a balanced look.


artistic impression of final design

Budget was a driving factor in this project and below you can see the breakdown of how the funds were spent. The figures are a rounded amount to keep things simple.

Paint: $30

Planter: $23

Rug: $20

Decal: $20

Hurricanes and candles: $20

Mirror: $20

Frame: $15

Total: ± $150

My clients were very happy with their new entrance hall and have made comments on how proud they now are when welcoming visitors into their beautiful home.

“All this over the internet and without breaking the bank, it was truly worth it, we love it and intend to send photos of the finished room soon!”

Thanks for the kind compliments!!!