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Matching Digital Colors to Actual Paint Colors

In my world of virtual interior design, I am constantly faced with the job of selecting the exact paint color for my clients. Tricky hey? As we know there are so many factors that influence the right color selection such as, scale, lighting, position etc and then when you add virtual design to the mix it becomes even more interesting. When I stumbled upon the following link I was pretty happy. It explains the  “how to” of the EasyRGB tool that can convert hex colors into actual paint colors. This isn’t by any means a perfect solution to my needs but it sure is a helpful starting point and If the color isn’t to a clients liking the tool provides me with alternative suggestions,  they’re right there. Read below:


Have you ever seen something on a website or Pinterest and thought that was the perfect paint color, but didn’t know how to match it? Follow the steps below to find an exact hex color match in your favorite paint.

How To Select & Match Digital Colors to actual paint colors

  • Download/Install Colorzilla Eyedropper Color Picker
  • Select the eyedropper in the right hand of your computer screen
  • Hover over image or paint color you want to match and click/select.
  • The Hex code will automatically save to your clipboard or write down the number you wish to save.
  • In your browser open:
  • Insert or paste hex color in selection area
  • Then, just below select the paint collection, i.e. Benjamin Moore, etc.



As a virtual Interior Designer, I love this tool but it’s not fool-proof. The way to finding the best paint colors for a  room is two-fold, it’s all about the client/designer process. As best practice, the client should test a sample of their designers recommended paint color on their wall to make sure they are ok with it before forking out lump sums on gallons of the wrong color. Even with this added bit of security,  there will always be uncertainty around choosing the exact paint color until it fills the wall. Unless you use the fail-safe method of painting the whole wall, no need to discuss the pros and cons of this idea, samples of color are always a good idea!!! I have some clients that prefer to paint their sample on a board rather than the wall so they don’t have to live with paint sample patches on the wall until their painter comes to paint them over. It also allows them to move the board around the room to see how the lighting and other contrasting items will look against the color in question. I’m all for that idea.

In recognition of the Easy RGB tool, and as excited as I am about finding it, not to be forgotten is the standard way to come up with a good starting point for your color choice – by taking an item to a paint store and having them suggest a close match. This remains a great way to start choosing the right paint colors for a room and though not an easy virtual design option it is a reliable way for standard design methods.

Please remember close matches are better than exact matches – it makes the room more dimensional and interesting.  Sometimes we get a little lost on this point but if you keep it in mind the whole process becomes much more enjoyable and free-flowing. You will absolutely get a better result if you follow this little rule!

Best of luck!