Daily Design Week

Receive up to 1 hour of design advice per day on a number of small design challenges in different rooms over a week.

Kylie T Interiors offers a range of services that can be helpful in solving a variety of tricky residential design challenges in different rooms. Once you have filled out our questionnaire and offered measurements and photographs of your design challenges we’ll help you choose the service that will best tackle each challenge. You’ll have up to one hour of design time per day for the working week,  so work at your own pace and solve as many challenges as you’d like.

Great for clients with a lot of vision who need a little help with small projects in multiple rooms. For example “What should I do with the TV wall?”, “How can I display my family snapshots as a gallery wall?”, “Where do I place my accessories on my shelves?”, “How can I make my entrance room more welcoming?” How can I make the most of my small mudroom”, How can I add interest to the hallway wall?”, “I like my room but how do I get that decorator look?”, ” What color, scale theme…”

See below for an example of what services are available to help you in your Daily Design Week package.


Kylie T Interiors daily design week
Furniture Plan
Kylie T Interiors daily design week
Wall Elevation
Kylie T Interiors daily design week
Dolls House View
Kylie T Interiors daily design week
Color Scheme
Kylie T Interiors Daily Design Week
Kylie T Interiors daily design week


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