Kylie T Interiors Master Bedroom 6

Master Bedroom 6

Initial ideas in moodboards…

Master Bedroom 6 Kylie T interiors
Master Bedroom 6, MB1
Master Bedroom 6, MB2 Kylie T interiors
Master Bedroom 6, MB2
Master Bedroom 6 Kylie T interiors
Master Bedroom 6, MB3

Resulting concept designs.

Combining their favorite Duvet cover and floor rug we designed this rustic master bedroom in the clients chosen colors with plenty of storage space for “his and hers” and a comfortable reading chair.

Master Bedroom 6, C1, Kylie T Interiors
Master Bedroom 6, C1
Master Bedroom 6, C2, Kylie T Interiors
Master Bedroom 6, C2
Master Bedroom 6, C3, Kylie T Interiors
Master Bedroom 6, C3



Kylie T interiors is a company dedicated to tailoring each design to our individual clients needs. The aim is to help you save money where possible by including existing items where we can. It’s also wonderful being surrounded by “the good stuff”, things that have value to you, so if you love something and just can’t part with it -“Let’s see how we can use it in your design”. Just the same, if you’re tired of the entire look of your room and want to begin again, lets play with some ideas until we create the perfect look that suits your lifestyle and personality. Always considering budget, harmony and scale – we aim to please. At Kylie T Interiors we believe that your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love!

Our fixed rate packages help give you piece of mind that our costs are upfront. We appreciate that everyone has different skills and that our customers would rather use their hard-earned cash towards merchandise for their rooms and not pay for unnecessary services. Don’t see a package that works for you? You are able to tailor any package offered on our website, with upfront costs available so you can pick exactly what works.  Kylie T Interiors also offers discounted rates for merchandise purchased through our company. All retail and wholesale items in your designs are available for purchase through us.

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