Kylie T Interiors Glass container - Make it over

Glass container – Make it over

Remember my tutorial on frog lids? At the end I promised I’d blog on mason jar decoration. Did I mention how much I love mason jars?  Ha… I can’t dispose of them they’ve got too much, lets say –  personality. The detail is quaint in an, elegant kind of way. It’s so subtle that I want to enhance it to bring out the beauty? We can do this to almost any glass container with a little detail, to cover it up wouldn’t sit right with me I want to see it more…

Read on:

After all that effort insisting on how great mason jars are, for this exercise I decided to decorate a very detailed glass bottle (I know). When I found it in the clearance isle of Home Goods for a dollar –  the minute I saw it I knew of the possibilities, and couldn’t wait to use it to demonstrate this makeover. The abundance of relief in the all over pattern  inspired me and I wanted to see how it would look enhanced (Sorry Masons…) Experimenting always adds a little excitement!

You will need:

1 – Mason jar or glass bottle with detail

Glass container    Glass container

2 – Paint (craft, latex)

3 – Paintbrush

4 – Sand paper

5 – Hot glue gun

6 – Rope (Jute, Sisal anything natural looks best)

7 – Scissors

8 – Dish to mix paint on.

This can’t be easier.


Step One: Wash your glass container thoroughly so it is free if dust, grease etc. After removing the sticky labels,  I put my mason jars in the dishwasher. The bottle went in too. It helps the paint stick better.

Glass container
Clean glass well


Step Two: Make sure the glass is thoroughly dry then paint with your custom color – think it through if you want to suit your interior space.

Glass container Glass container

Step Three: Allow to dry and apply a second coat of paint, get it into the grooves well. Allow to dry.

Glass container


Step Four: Lightly sand – you’ll get the idea of how much pressure to apply as you go,  it’s up to you depending on the effect you’re going for. The paint comes away from any raised detail very easily.

Glass container

Step Five: Using your hot glue gun, secure the beginning of the rope to the glass and continue to wind around till you get the amount of coverage you want. Cut off the remaining rope and secure the end with the hot glue gun.

Glass container Glass container


Beautiful! Enjoy your new display…

Glass container
You like?

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