Kylie T Interiors Fundraiser Fun - Design project for 3 year olds school class

Fundraiser Fun – Design project for 4-year-olds school class

Fundraiser fun – design project. It was just before the winter school vacation and Boston was freezing. My 4yo daughter and I were excited to make a gift of appreciation for her school teachers, there were 5 all together. After a little thought we decided to make them each a hot pack (see how in my tutorial here). We fancied them up with lace and packaging and added a little instruction tag – they looked great. The teachers thanked us, saying they used them to snuggle out the cold during their well-deserved week off. Mission accomplished!


Skip forward to March – Boston’s still cold, in fact, this year is having record amounts of snow – it’s still banked up. The Principal at my daughters school is now about to retire and to honor this the schools PTO has established the CHERYL FERTIG STAFF ENRICHMENT FUND.  To raise funds for this fantastic cause the PTO (thank-you Lauren and co) are organizing a cocktail party and the children of the school are being asked to make beautiful art pieces to be auctioned on the night.

Step in Kylie. I was approached by my daughters lead teacher to help with a design project for her class. The project was to be – you guessed it – making a hot pack, decorated by the class.

The children decorated a plain pink piece of fabric with markers. They used every color under the sun – it was bright, cheerful and very very very colorful.  After the final decorations were made I was given the fabric and asked to transform it into a hot pack. Hmmm, thinking cap went on here.

Fundraiser fun - design project
The decorated piece

My daughter and I looked at the fabric and started to brainstorm (how can I help myself? I’m obsessed with design). What were we going to put with this pretty rainbow to capture the spirit of the fundraiser?

Fundraiser fun - design project
Let’s take some of the fuss away and see what we’re really dealing with here

We were thinking community, education, fun and quality (no that was just me). Off to the store we went. “The Fabric Place Basement” in Framingham MA is out of control with choices, I mean seriously crazy. We didn’t know what we were looking for at first and were there for quite some time searching for the right “embellishments!”  After trying all kinds of options we settled on some cute fabric that had names written all over it – resembling the signatures of the classroom kids, bingo we’ve got community. Next, we stumbled upon a tape measure trim with numbers like a ruler on it, there’s our education. We decided the fun would come from the coloring in of the fabric and the vibrancy of the colors used, and the quality would be in the fabric and soon to be workmanship. This was starting to happen. We went home and pulled it all together and hey presto the results speak for themselves.

Fundraiser fun - design project
Energy and fun in the coloring in!
Fundraiser fun - design project
Names on the back fabric…
Fundraiser fun - design project
Tape measure trim.

Ta-darrr… our sugar sweet hot packs!… Looking forward to the auction.