Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to get a quick answer to a query you may have. Try our frequently asked questions and answers for immediate help. Please feel free contact us for further information.

Can I transfer a gift card into another persons name?

Sure can! If you haven’t received any services for the package on the gift card you can transfer the full value of the card into another persons name or increase the amount to another package of higher value.


Can I order an individual service without a package?

You can! However, some of our services are only able to be ordered together. Contact us for further information on what exactly you can do.


What happens in a designer consultation?

We come to your home and make a game plan.  During this time, we discuss inspiration and design direction and decide on your style.  We also talk layouts and discuss any thoughts you have.  At the end,  we take measurements and begin your project. This usually takes an hour.


Can I get samples before I buy?

Absolutely, we aim to do this as requested where available!


Do you have a list of contractors you recommend?

We have a favorite electrician and painter to refer to you for our local area in Middlesex Massachusetts. These are busy and very trustworthy professionals who you will feel comfortable having in your home.  Booking in early always helps.


How long does it take to get my design?

We work on your schedule! Typically we aim to have your final design to you within 2-3 weeks. If you need further revisions we will provide them based on your feedback and then help you source alternative items. This usually takes one to three weeks. Our process can be expedited or extended based on your needs. Once you are set on your final design any merchandise orders through Kylie T Interiors will then be placed. Please note delivery times for items can vary according to each vendor and we have no control over their shipping policy.


How much does it cost for a room design? 

You set the budget! We offer hourly professional help at one low flat fee of $75/hour or you may choose one of our packages starting at only $200. We can customize your project price amount to make sure you get a package that’s right for you.


What happens if I need to pause my project? 

We understand that life can get busy and want to accommodate your schedule, so if you need to put your project on hold please contact us and let us know. Please note, that if a project remains inactive for 90 days, it cannot be refunded and may be considered as closed.


How will my you know what I want?

Your Kylie T Interiors Project Questionnaire and feedback will tell us. By completing our simple questionnaire, you will provide us with insightful information such as your personal style preferences, room goals, room photos & measurements (where applicable), budget, and 3 inspiration photos for your final look. After carefully reviewing your information, we will ask you questions where needed. Once we’re satisfied we have all the information we need we’ll get to work, submitting tailor-made decorating ideas for you to preview.


Can I keep my existing furnishings and decor items?

Absolutely! As part of your Kylie T Interiors Project Questionnaire,  you will be asked upfront what items you’d like to keep. We certainly can integrate your existing items into the new design.We just request that you provide us with two or more photos of each item that you want to keep and the dimensions of that item. There is no sales pressure to buy new furnishings. Let us know what you want to keep and we can design your room around those items.


Do I have to buy my design items right away?

Most clients can’t get their design items soon enough so in this case, we’re committed to placing your orders right away. If you’d like a little more time, let us know, we’d be happy to accommodate you with a later order.


Can I get revisions to the design I choose?

Yes! We thrive on guidance and love nothing more than creating a space that you absolutely LOVE. We NEED you to be upfront with us and are only too happy to revise each step of your package with you before moving onto the next one. Your initial Moodboard is based on your Kylie T Interiors Project Questionnaire and subsequent design boards are based on our collaborative revision of your previous board.

You’ll also have 14 days follow-up support to provide comments and ask questions about your design.


How do I receive your exclusive furniture discounts?

Once you’ve purchased your design package, you’re in! You get immediate access to Kylie T Interiors discounts for your space. Our exclusive discounts help us make the most of every budget and allow us to create spaces that look better for less.




We’re always here to help. Please contact us with any further questions through the comments section below, via email at kylie@kylietinteriors or call on ph 508 651 0735.

Happiness is everything!



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