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DIY Rope Reel Table – Accentuate your space

Welcome to the DIY part of Kylie.T. Interiors. Here you’ll learn how to accentuate your space with this charming Diy Rope Reel Table. It can be tailored to any size depending on your needs. In my case, I made it as a little side table. I’d been looking for the right one to complement the style of my room for a long time to no avail so, running true to form, I decided to make my own custom beauty! I love it!


Diy rope reel tablediy rope reel table

diy rope reel tablediy rope reel table

1 – 2 x wood rounds (tabletops) – mine are 15” (38cm) in diameter, from Home Depot  and online

2 – Sisal rope – mine is ½ an inch (1.25cm) in diameter from Home Depot or Bunnings

3 – Glue – craft and hot glue gun.

4 – Concrete Form Tube (Quick-tube)- mine is 10” (25cm) in diameter from Home Depot or Bunnings

5 – Laser printed copy or color photocopy  of your image

6 – Matt Gel medium – I used Liquitex brand from AC Moore (or craft store)

7 – Paintbrush

8 – Water (in a cup or spray bottle)

9 – Plastic card (scraper, rewards card)

10 – Can of polyurethane (all hardware stores in the paint section)

11 – Plastic Dropcloth

12 – Heavy/hard/strong items (to characterize your wood) i.e. nails, hammer, tools

13 – Paint – latex paint works great

14 – Wood stain. I used Minwax wood finish in Dark Walnut (from your local hardware store)

15 – Rag

16 – Paint thinners or turps – for stain clean up.

17 – Drill

18 – Right angle brackets (I had some left over from another project)

19 – Hand full of wood screws – short, medium and long in size


So how do we make it?

Step 1: Give your wood rounds some character using the technique described here in my DIY Rustic Wood Finish tutorial.

diy rope reel table
diy rope reel table

diy rope reel table diy rope reel table

Step 2: Cut your Concrete Form Tube to size –  mine is 11” tall ( 28cm). Use a hand saw or band saw if you have one, or a stencil knife – it’s cardboard. I measured 11″ up from the bottom all the way around and joined the dots to form my cut line. I then lined up the edge of a soft cover book with the cut line – instant bendy ruler – and carefully and gradually cut through the tube with the stencil knife. It turned out perfect.

diy rope reel table diy rope reel table

Step 3: Screw your brackets onto the insides of the Concrete Form Tube (tube). Keep the top of the bracket flush with the top of the tube. Make sure the size of your screws are correct. You don’t want to protrude too much into the outside surface of your tube. A protrusion of less than ¼ of an inch (½cm) is ok as the rope will cover it and the screw will hold better. I glued the screws for added stick!

diy rope reel tablediy rope reel tablediy rope reel table

Step 4: Centre the bracket end of the tube to the top wood round and glue in place with your hot glue gun.

diy rope reel tablediy rope reel table


Step 5: Screw the bracket onto the wood round to re-enforce the glue joint.

diy rope reel table

Step 6: Centre your bottom wood round to the bottom end of your tube then Glue in place.

Step 7:  Re-enforce this join by screwing the tube and bottom wood round together driving your screw in on an angle. Longer screws are needed here to make sure the screw goes through the side of the tube and grabs a decent amount of the wood, don’t let it go all the way through. See the link below for how to do this if you’re unsure. My wonderful husband obliged this time – “Thanks, Superman!”

diy rope reel table diy rope reel table

Step 8:  Glue the strands of the last 3 inches (5cm) of your rope together with your hot glue gun. This will prevent the rope from fraying once it is cut. I got another hot glue gun branding here – be careful – is it because I said “Superman?”

diy rope reel tablediy rope reel table

Step 9: When the glue is dry, cut the rope on a 45° angle. Your angled end should be around  2 inches long.

diy rope reel tablediy rope reel table

Step 10: Glue this end of your rope to the base of your tube covering the glue join.

diy rope reel table

Step 11: Using your craft glue and an occasional dab from the hot glue gun , continue to glue the rope to your tube as you coil it all the way to the top .

Diy rope reel tqble diy rope reel table

Step 12: I ran out of rope about ¾ of the way up the tube so had to make a neat right angle join with the hot glue gun. You can do this OR buy enough rope to start with. I’m guessing I used about 23yards (21 meters) all up.

diy rope reel table

Step 13: Repeat step 8 – 9 for the finishing end of your rope, then tuck the end in nice and tight and glue onto your tube with your hot glue gun. You may need a little force to get the end of the rope in, I pushed it in with the handle of my paintbrush. Use plenty of glue to make sure the rope doesn’t come unstuck.

diy rope reel table

Step 13: Transfer your image onto the topside of the wood round that is going to be your table top. Use the technique found here in my DIY Transferring images onto wood tutorial.


diy rope reel table  diy rope reel table

Step 14: Coat with polyurethane as per the cans instructions – usually – Stir, apply dry, repeat.


…and you’re done!!! You just made a Rope Reel Table


Here is another one of mine:


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