Diy Pin-Up Board

DIY Pin Up Board

Welcome to my Blog, the DIY part of Kylie T  Interiors. Today I’m going to show you how to make a Diy Pin Up Board to help you organize your space.

You will need:

1 – Sheet of HOMOSOTE (see link below for details)
2 – Template of your shape

3 – Wadding (from the fabric section at Wal-Mart or any fabric store)

4 – Staple gun and staples (from any craft of hardware store)

5 – Fabric

6 – Scissors

7 – Powered jigsaw

8 – Iron

9 – Spray starch (from any supermarket mine was from Stop and Shop)

10 – Pen or marker

11 – Command strips (optional)


DIY Pin UP Board


How do we make it?

Step 1: Choose the shape and size you want for your pin up board.

Step 2: Transfer the shape of your pin-up board onto your homosote. I enlarged my image for free using Then I cut it out and traced around the cut-out. Don’t fuss with being too exact as the fine detail in your shape will be lost it in the next step.

DIY PinUp BoardDIY Pin UP Board

DIY Pin Up BoardDIY Pin Up Board

Step 3: Cutting the homosote – Cut out your homosote shape with a jigsaw. This is your pin up board base.

DIY Pin Up Board

Step 4: Lay the wadding flat and place your pin-up board base on it facing down. Make sure there are no creases in the wadding under the pin up board base.

DIY Pin Up Board

Step 5: Cut the wadding around the perimeter of the pin up board base, allowing yourself about 5cm extra. i.e. the wadding is now cut to the shape of your pin-up board base with a 5cm overhang all the way around. Discard the cut-offs.

DIY Pin Up Board

Step 6: Do not turn over. Gently but firmly pull the remaining wadding over to the other side of the pin up board base and secure with your staple gun. Snip vertically into the wadding in areas that will not stretch to accommodate curves and corners, it will not fray. Secure with staples. Do this the entire way around the pin-up board base.

DIY Pin Up Board     Diy Pin Up BoardDiy Pin Up Board (gorgeous helper)

Step 7: Turn your pin up board base over to check you don’t have any creases in your wadding. If you do, you will need to remove some staples near the offending crease and try pulling the wadding in a different direction to smooth out the crease, staple to secure.

diy pin up board

Step 8: Iron your fabric and place flat, face down just as you did with the wadding in step 4. TIP if your fabric is thin, iron it with spray starch, it will hold its shape better. Place the pin up board base, wadding side down on the fabric

diy pin up boarddiy pin up board

Step 9: Repeat steps 5 – 7 with the fabric.

pin up boardIMG_3040_2


Step 10: Turn over. …and you’re done! Hey presto, you have a pin up board! Now go and get organized…

diy pin up board

I attached mine to the wall with these command strips, you can buy them anywhere. They’re great as they keep the board nice and firm against the wall so it doesn’t move when you use it.



These are my creations using the same technique. Hope you enjoy!

pin up board diy diy pin up board

diy pin up board pin up board    Pin up board  diy pin up board


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