Kylie T Interiors  DIY Frog Lid - Stage your flowers

DIY Frog Lid – Stage your flowers

Here is a great idea, done before but well worth writing about again. You’re about to learn how to make a DIY Frog Lid.

To me, there’s something majestic about a mason jar. I buy a certain brand of tomato sauce for making my bolognese dish and it just so happens that it’s bottled in these timeless jars. Each time I open and empty a jar I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Now I have a small collection. There are so many projects these could ultimately be up-cycled to, I love them.

Yay for spring, finally – let the snow melt and bring on the darling buds of May! That being said displaying flowers is one skill I need practice with! I keep telling myself I’ll take a floral arranging class one day – still saying it. When I stumbled upon this idea I thought it was brilliant, so much so that I wanted to share it with my readers. This really helped take the agony out of unwrapping a gorgeous bunch of flowers and displaying them all wrong. Sound familiar? That was me.

The DIY Frog Lid is so simple it’s not funny. The best part is it’s also very practical. Simple practical, inexpensive and gorgeous – whats not to love? So how do we do it?

You’ll need:

DIY Frog lid

1 – A mason jar or similar i.e. Ball (craft store, grocery store)

2 – Galvanised wire mesh – 1/2” (1cm) square galvanized hardware cloth, chicken wire,  anything that has 1/2” (1cm) holes and won’t rust.

3 – Mason Jar Lids and Bands  (Amazon, Stop and Shop, Grocery store)

4 – Wire cutters (tin snips)

5 – Marker (Sharpie will do)

6 – Superglue


All you do is simply trace your lid with your marker onto your mesh and cut out the shape with your wire cutters.

diy frog liddiy frog lid

diy frog lid diy frog lid

Insert the wire shape into the band and super glue it in place.

diy frog lid

Wal-la – you have a frog lid.

diy frog lid

Now have a go at displaying your bunch of flowers. Easy?

diy frog lid

Try adding a fancy bow to the mason jar for added tizz! These make cute gifts, I have given these to my friends – it’s a nice little take on saying thank-you with a bunch of flowers.

diy frog lid diy frog lid

You can jazz up your mason jar with paint too if you don’t like the glass look. My next tutorial will be on that, remember my collection? Stay posted…