DIY Blog for Kylie T Interiors

Welcome to the DIY Blog for KylieT Interiors. Here you’ll find out how to create some inexpensive and fun projects that you can use to decorate your interior space. The best part about doing it yourself is getting to customize your work to suit YOUR environment. THAT’S why I became an avid DIYer.  I started making my own decorations for my house a long time ago because I wanted the right color/size/price etc, sound familiar? Since then I’ve had many requests to start posting these ideas online. So here goes, take a look –  I hope you are inspired…

My Motto:  Passion comes from inspiration.

My MISSION: To inspire others by showing how to make gorgeous personalized home goods in a simple step by step fashion.

One…                                     Two…                                    Three…

DIY Blog for Kylie.T. InteriorsDIY Blog for Kylie.T. InteriorsDIY Blog for Kylie.T. Interiors

Have fun!