Dimensional wall canvas

DIY Dimensional Wall Canvas – Make your art POP


Welcome to the DIY part of Kylie.T. Interiors. Here you’ll learn how to make a Dimensional wall canvas. This project oozes energy and movement. It’s the perfect addition to energize a room. Watch the movie below to see how.


1 – Canvas

2 – Plaster of Paris

3 – Pencil

4 – Scraper

5 – Jar of water to mix plaster with

6 – Plate to mix plaster on

7 – Paper towel / rag for clean up

8 – Apron

9 – Drop sheet

10 – Paint (latex, acrylic, craft)

11 – Paint brushes / a roller (optional)

12 – Fork


So how do we make it?

Step 1: Mark out your pattern with your pencil on your canvas

Step 2: Mix your plaster and water together in your plate to a peanut butter consistency. Too thick and it becomes difficult to get to stick to your canvas.

Step 3: Spread your plaster onto your canvas with the scraper staying roughly within the lines of your pattern. Do section at a time as the plaster dries fast and is then difficult to work with.

Step 4: Texturise the plaster with your fork. Vary your strokes – it creates interest.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 – 4 until your pattern is filled to your liking

Step 6: Allow to dry. Note- for clean up use paper towel or a rag to wipe as much excess plaster away and discard in the trash. Washing plaster down the drain will cause your sink to block and cost you plumbing fees.

Step 7: Paint your canvas as per the video starting with your darkest color through to your lightest. This helps the colors blend together and layer better.  Pools of color that collect in the grooves of the plaster also help the paint colors blend. Keep layering your color until your happy with your work.

Step 8: Sign your work!!!

…and there you have it, you just made at dimensional wall canvas!

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