countertop comparison chart

Countertop Price Comparison – in the budget?

This is the follow up to my Countertops – choose your surface post where we examined a variety of different countertops for their properties and aesthetics but didn’t touch on money! Money is a category all on it’s own – it’s important. If our preferences don’t fit with our budget then look straight past – budget is super important. It keeps us on track and helps sieve out the potential runners from the true contenders, after all there’s a sea of competition out there making it too easy to go off track. Budget is our friend! Really!

Here is the link to my Countertops-Price-Comparison chart comparing the cost of different countertops in 2015. What you’ll notice is there’s a range for each product because prices vary from company to company and state to state (but you knew that). My information comes from For those of you not in the USA for the most part  you’ll still get a good comparison of price ranges and rankings .

Here is a guide to measuring up your own countertops. To calculate, divide into sections as shown below and add them up for the total. It’s a guide that will help you decide if you’re in the  ball park at least.  Once you decide on your product your designer will have it quoted up for an exact cost.

countertop price comparison

Countertop Price Comparison

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Countertop Price Comparison

  Countertop Price Comparison