“Love! Love! Love! I think you are getting to know me pretty well lol. Honestly I love it all.”



“Thank you so much!! I absolutely love it — I really wanted a beautiful coastal room with a bit of a “wow” factor, and the layout/pictures you posted are just perfect! Can’t wait to go shopping once the kids go to bed. I do intend on ordering almost everything and would be happy to have photos taken of the room…after the craziness of the holidays. 
Have a wonderful trip and thanks again.”



“Hi Kylie – thanks much! These are great, I would honestly be happy with any of them. You are so talented! Let me stew on these for a little bit and I’ll put some notes in the individual mood boards today. Thanks for making this such a fun process, I am really excited!!”



Kylie, It looks wonderful. Thank you so much for your help and patience through the process!



“Hi Kylie – thank you so much! I love it more than I thought I could!!! We are so so pleased! We just went in and added a ton of stuff to our cart and are going back and forth on total budget… Thank you again, we are so excited.”



“We love both of them! I’ve added a bunch of stuff to my cart and we are well within budget. “



“Kylie, they are absolutely wonderful and I could not be more delighted. The hard part now is for me to make decisions!! It is a shame on the pink dresser, but that is just fine. I would not have thought of that style, and the idea was exactly the type of help I needed. I really like the paint colors you chose! Work is super busy, so I will be spending weekend time oohing and ahhing and making buying decisions.Count me in as a very happy customer and I promise we will work again soon on another project! I will be in touch and I will send you a photo of the completed project (just be patient!)”



“Hey there! I am loving everything of course. I can’t wait to show Emily …eek …. She’s gonna love it.”



Hi Kylie, Thanks for the design. I love the layout and furniture placement. Given the constraints we have this is the best. I have already re-arranged my furniture as per your design and I love it. It makes the room look so much bigger without making it either cramped or empty.



“I love it! Thank you so much. I will be ordering on Sunday as I’m too tired tonight and I’m gone all day tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it all come together!”



“Love ! Thank you. Can’t wait to dig in”



“Kylie you have been awesome to work with! Thank you for bringing my vision to life. I can’t wait for it to come together… I already have another space in mind that I want you to do so stay tuned!”



“Love it!…Debated on the duvet, but liked the paisley one a bit better Thanks so much! I will probably get a few more of the accessories, but trying to get the big items nailed down first!”



“Thanks for all of your help. Had a lovely experience. Send me a CSAT survey or something and I’ll give you all 5 stars.”



“I absolutely love the design, it couldn’t have been anymore perfect.”



” Wow thats something i was hoping to get. You are awesome! I can definitely choose one from these. Helps to know I got expert advice on this. Wow those are good ideas.”



“Hello Kylie! I loveeeeee the design so far! I love that awesome clock! I also love how everything is coming together. I like that idea of photo placement above the nightstands. I’ll take that advice and hang them there.”



“Hey there! I was just getting ready to reply back 🙂 the girls love the first concept and fighting over that balloon puppy animal lol…”



“The concept is rated– Love it!… you have done such a fabulous job selecting items that are my style and that make me happy just to look at….Thanks again. I have really enjoyed this process and working with you!…Thank you!”



“Also, what is your availability to help with my other son’s room? We really love what you did, my younger guy would work with something similar, but with a race car theme, Ferraris, McLarens, f1 racing, etc…”



“Thank you so much! She’s awesome and so is Kylie. Both in my eyes showed actual concern about my situation and did everything possible to help me… It’s stellar customer service like that that can really make a difference and turn a customers frown upside down.”



“We had so much fun. This has been great! I am so excited. Thanks for all your help. Chat tomorrow. Thanks Kylie! You’ve been so fun.”



“You are so good btw!! I’m so impressed with all of the designs and I think I am leaning as this one being my favorite.”