DIY Painting Chevron Stripes - Jazz up your walls

DIY Painting Chevron Stripes – Jazz up your walls

Welcome to the DIY part of Kylie.T. Interiors. Here you’ll learn how to jazz up your walls with a chic chevron striped pattern. Make it as bold or as subtle as you like.

This wall is at the entrance of my house. It runs right across the top of the staircase. I wanted to incorporate it into the entry decoration but wanted it to stay in the background of the overall picture. I wanted the existing lower floor entry decor to maintain center stage.  With this in mind, I opted for a subtle color that worked with the existing color of the wall. My intended contrast in this project was to be in the texture of the paint more so than the color so I went with a metallic paint. To start with I painted a couple of stripes of my favorite Martha Stewart metallic paint, Antique Gold (I love the stuff) but felt it was too bold Arrrhhh not what I was expecting. Plan B – I mixed the metallic with a high gloss finish of the existing paint color and the effect was EXACTLY what I had in mind. Phew! Now I really love the results!!! Read on if you want to try this yourself.

Painting chevron stripes


1 – Drop Sheet

2 – Paint

3 – Paintbrush

4 – White chalk (thanks kids)

5 – Clean  white rag

6 – “Frog tape” or painters tape that doesn’t peel away paint when removed (from all hardware stores in the paint section)

7 – Long ruler

8 – Short ruler

9 – Stencil knife

10 – Small cutting mat (I used a plastic scraper – perfect size)


So how do we do it?

Step 1: Tape down your drop sheet. Tape it right up to the bottom of your wall, you’re using this to mask off the bottom line of your chevron so make it straight!

Step 2: With your ruler measure where you want the center point or “V” point of your chevron pattern (mostly but not always the middle of the wall)

Step 3: Draw a vertical line at this measurement from top to bottom of your chevron pattern using the chalk.

Painting chevron stripes

Step 4: Determine the size and angle of your chevron stripes and mark them on each side of your vertical line with the chalk. TIP: I decided that the width of my ruler was a perfect size which made it easy to align my chalk markings for the stripes. If you can’t do this, a suggestion here is to cut a template out of card or something similar to the size of your stripe this will help you get your lines on your wall much faster and more evenly. Also see here for additional help.

painting chevron stripes

Step 5: With your Frog tape, mask every 2nd stripe, these are the ones that you don’t want to paint.

painting chevron stripespainting chevron stripes

Step 6: Take care at the “V” points to make sure your tape is neat otherwise it will show in the top part of the newly painted stripe. I used my scraper to protect my wall by positioning it under the tape and then cut the excess tape off with the stencil knife. You’ll get perfect results like this. Make sure to press the tape back down to your wall so the paint doesn’t bleed.

IMG_4135IMG_4136painting chevron stripes painting chevron stripes

Step 7: Mask up the adjacent surfaces – Walls, doors etc.

Step 8: Mask the ceiling and floor (in my case I masked the wainscotting ledge)

painting chevron stripes

Step 9: Check that all Masking is pressed down so your new paint job turns out crisp and the paint doesn’t bleed under the tape. Double check you have masked everywhere you need to!!! The correct preparation is really important.

Step 10: Roll on your first coat of paint

painting chevron stripes

Step 11: Allow to touch dry, and apply second coat of paint

Step 12: Remove masking and allow to fully dry. Crisp lines are what you’re after.

painting chevron stripes painting chevron stripes

Step 13: Dust away any white chalk lines you can see with your white rag. Then dampen your rag and wipe down your chevron stripes all over again to make sure you didn’t miss any chalk. It comes away very easily.

Hey presto… you’re done! YOu just painted your very own Chevron Stripes!

painting chevron stripespainting chevron stripes

Here is another pic of mine demonstrating the big picture and how my chevron ties in with the rest of its surroundings. I think it really finishes it off. Entry complete, B-boom.

painting chevron stripes

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