DIY Enclosed Cat Litter Tray/Box - Manage the mess

DIY Enclosed Cat Litter Tray/Box – Manage the mess

Welcome to my Blog, the DIY part of Kylie.T. Interiors. Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY Enclosed Cat Litter Tray/Box so you can manage the mess of this age-old issue.

DIY Enclosed Cat Litter Tray/Box

This truly cost me about $5 and took about 10 minutes. It’s well WORTH doing if you don’t like kitty litter spilling out of your cats litter tray/box and tracking through your house. Why spend $30 and upwards on a fancy cat litter tray/box when you can make your own enclosed one using the same concept for a fraction of that. Just a tip in addition to the supplies used in the movie you will need sandpaper, a sanding block and some scissors… It’s  almost too simple.

This is my first attempt at editing a movie, EVER and I had heaps of fun making it, thanks to my masterful cameraman, you know who you are (all of 7 years old) and a fun movie editing app that I enjoyed but truly didn’t master as you’ll see.

Anyhow, we had a laugh so there WAS merit in it. I’ll keep practicing. Enjoy viewing you’ll get the gist.

I Hope you enjoyed my DIY Enclosed Cat Litter Tray/Box tutorial and that you are inspired to give this a go. My cat, Mr. Hartley is really doing well with his. We have switched to “Swheat Scoop” brand cat litter, it’s made from wheat. It’s as effective as the clay stuff in odor control and clumping only doesn’t clump to his paws. Our kitty litter issues are under control. Mess and smell be gone!

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