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 DIY Blog for Kylie.T. Interiors.   Welcome to the DIY Blog for Kylie.T. Interiors. Here you’ll find out how to create some inexpensive and fun projects that you can use to decorate your interior space. The best part about doing it yourself is getting to customize your work to suit YOUR environment. THATS why I became an avid DIYer.  I started making my own decorations for my house a long time ago.. Read More

Matching Digital Colors to Actual Paint Colors

matching digital colors with actual paint colors

  Matching Digital Colors to Actual Paint Colors- getting it right Welcome to Kylie.T. Interiors. In my world of virtual interior design I am constantly faced with the job of selecting the exact paint color for my clients. Tricky hey? As we know there are so many factors that influence  the right color selection such as, scale, lighting, position etc and then when you add virtual design to the mix it becomes even more interesting… Read More

Residential Entrance Hall-Re-design project

feature picture

  Residential Entrance Hall-Re-design project Welcome to Kylie.T. Interiors. I was asked for some suggestions and help to re-direct the decor of a residential entrance hall. The project was uncomplicated except for the fact it was going to be virtual, my client and I live many miles apart.  She sent me some photos and room measurements and I got to work. The house was practically brand new, well kept and modern. The coffee color porcelain floor.. Read More

Diy Sofa Table – customize it


DIY sofa Table – customize it Welcome to the DIY part of Kylie.T. Interiors. I was on the hunt for another DIY project and after a little internet browsing decided to complement my living room with some much needed table space. I could have bought a coffee table as I am yet to own one but there would have been no space left for my kids to do cartwheels across the room –  so I decided.. Read More

DIY Rope Reel Table – accentuate your space


DIY Rope Reel Table – accentuate your space Welcome to the DIY part of Kylie.T. Interiors. Here you’ll learn how to accentuate your space with this charming Diy Rope Reel Table. It can be tailored to any size depending on your needs. In my case I made it as a little side table. I’d been looking for the right one to complement the style of my room for a long time to no avail so, running true to.. Read More

Countertop Price Comparison – in the budget?


Countertop Price Comparison – in the budget? This is the follow up to my Countertops – choose your surface post where we examined a variety of different countertops for their properties and aesthetics but didn’t touch on money! Money is a category all on it’s own – it’s important. If our preferences don’t fit with our budget then look straight past – budget is super important. It keeps us on track and helps sieve out.. Read More

Countertops – choose your surface?

20141030_4130UM (2)

Countertops – choose your surface I was at a party a while back and there was quite a turn out, Cathy, our host would have been thrilled. The crowd was a-buzz from the entertaining areas, right up the hall and through to the kitchen. I just so happened to land myself a great little spot in the kitchen with my posse of friends, near the vino and nibbles . The lights were.. Read More

Glass container – make it over

glass makover

Glass container  –  make it over Remember my tutorial on frog lids? At the end I promised I’d blog on mason jar decoration. Did I mention how much I love mason jars?  Ha… I can’t dispose of them they’ve got too much, lets say –  personality. The detail is quaint in an, elegant kind of way. It’s so subtle that I want to enhance it to bring out the beauty? To.. Read More

A Well Designed Room – what to look for


A Well Designed Room – what to look for   Hello design lovers, As most of you have discovered I’m passionate about interior design, it’s my first and foremost  creative outlet . The interplay of design elements that form a well designed room never cease to amaze me – the moment it all comes together is  truly rewarding. With that in mind, what ARE the tell-tale signs of a well designed room? What should you.. Read More

DIY Frog Lid – stage your flowers

frog 3

DIY Frog Lid – stage your flowers Here is a great idea, done before but well worth writing about again. To me, there’s something majestic about a mason jar. I buy a certain brand of tomato sauce for making my bolognese dish and it just so happens that it’s bottled in these timeless jars. Each time I open and empty a jar I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Now I have.. Read More

Color Trending – where are we headed


Color Trending – where are we headed Welcome to my blog today I’m writing about color trending. What are the latest colors of choice? Have you taken much notice of your surroundings lately? When looking for the next color alert take a good look around you. Look at design magazines, fashion magazines, catalogues in the mail, advertising, the runway, TV, the mall – the list is endless. When you start.. Read More